Features Of A Good Mist Eliminator


A mist eliminator is a device often fitted in a system to enhance the removal of liquid droplets trapped in a vapor stream. Mist eliminators are used where vapor quality is vital in regards to trapped liquid especially where separator equipment are expensive. This device is used in a system where weight saving is of paramount advantage and priority.

How do you identify a good mist eliminator?

Cost effective

A good mist eliminator should be less expensive; it should be easily purchased and not been strained by the price of this device. Some good mist eliminators exist, read reviews from different manufacturers and prices. A good mist eliminator should be well designed and should be cost effective for both industrial use and or any other uses. The device should be low in price in the sense that it should be affordable for those operating such a system. It shouldn’t be a case of where the price of the device is more than the entire system it is being used for.

Easy to install

A good mist eliminator device is easy to install in the system; the device is designed in a way that even those who haven’t use the device before can install it at the snap of a finger with little guidance from the manufacturer through the manual book that came with it. It doesn’t require days of training for installation; it doesn’t require any special lecture before the user should install it.

High efficiency with changing pressure

A good mist elimination device can give the same result for different pressure reading. It is not affected by a change in pressure of the system; it keeps the system optimal and in high efficiency at increase or decrease in the pressure of the system. What this simply means is that it can be used in any environment, either high-pressure level environment or lower level pressure environment.

It is being used in every part of the continent; this is being made possible because changes in environmental pressure don’t have any effect on the result of the device. It is being used in high temperate, cold, arid humidity environments.

Portability and flexibilityqweqeqweq

A good mist eliminator should be portable and flexible. Should be easy to move from one place to the other. Should have the ability to be transported from one place to another without being damaged or have any movement damage effects. A good mist eliminator system should be able to perform very well, should be able to give accurate result while eliminating mist from the system in which it is being used.


A good mist eliminator should be durable. It shouldn’t last forever, but at least it should keep performing at an optimal level for a long period. It should take longer time from the time of purchased to the time in which noticeable wear and tears appear, whereby optimal results can no longer be guaranteed before it becomes non-functional.