Types Of Connectors


When you are planning on installing cables in your device and looking for connectors, there are many types of connectors that you may opt to use. Some of the best connectors include:

Speaker Connector

It’s the latest connector used in audio connections. The unit is available in two, four and eight pole iterations. For audio applications, you should use 2 and four poles. The good side of this unit is that it takes in high current signals. When connecting it, you should connect the female plugs to the male panel socket. Due to this connection, you should use the connectors in live sound applications where you should use them in connecting power amplifiers to loudspeakers.

A Quarter Inch Jack Connectorcfcfxfdx

It’s common in electric guitars and amplifiers. The plug is usually a quarter inch with a single black “hoop,” known asĀ an insulating ring.This ring aids in indicating whether the connection is “mono” or single. The connector is commonly used for connecting speakers. It also helps in connecting amps and guitar heads to the cabinets.

A VGA Connector

It’s common in many computers. It’s also used in many videos. For ideal results, you should use a 15-pin connector on a device that you are sure of the type of video that it can put in and out. The connector is mostly used in projectors.

XLR Connector

It is another balanced connection that may be used in many pro audio applications. The unit has a barrel design that is approximately 2cm in diameter, with about 3-7 pins or holes. You can use it in audio applications where you use the three-pin XLR.

Balance Jack Connector

fxfffcggIt aids in carrying two channels of audio where the tip is the pointy end; the ring is the section after the first black hoop, and the sleeve is the second black hoop. The tip and ring of the connector carry the left and right channel signals while the sleeve acts as the common earth.

This connector has a broad range of applications. For example, it’s used as a headphone output, piano, recording equipment, mixing decks, guitar amps, hi-fi equipment and recording equipment.

These are some of the most common connectors that you can go for. For the connectors to give you ideal results you should ensure that you buy them from reputable stores. You should also ensure that you use them in the right applications. For example, you should use a jack connector on a guitar and nowhere else.…