Gaming Laptop and the Importance of RAM


Random access memory (RAM) also referred to as system memory is the part of a computer that temporarily carries files and software that are not in use. As compared to storage devices, it allows the processor to access data faster. SDDs and HDDs hold files and software in a more permanent way until a user deletes or uninstalls them. While data is loaded from these storage devices, when an application is closed, and the computer is shut down, the software is removed from RAM. The key feature about a large RAM is its capability to run more programs and greater multitasking potential without slowing down the overall speed of the computer.

Importance of RAM in gaming laptopAs a gamer, it’s obvious that you want the best gaming laptop to ensure that your gaming experience is as realistic as possible. Unfortunately, figuring out what you need for computer gaming can be very confusing. It’s, therefore, common for gamers to overdo their computers even when they do not have to do this. For instance, if you have a weak CPU and powerful GPU you are not doing yourself any favors since this will be slowed down by a weak CPU. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Purpose of RAM

sdertyhuyt5RAM is the area of the computer that stores the needed content and variables. The moment you launch a game on your laptop, the game is loaded into the RAM hence it’s a very active participant. Instead of using the hard drive directly, the RAM is used since it’s faster and it’s meant to store temporary items. A faster and a bigger RAM is usually preferred because it improves the gaming experience of the user and leads to a faster loading system. With a bigger RAM, you will be able to store more information and also read and write faster.

Common RAM sizes

The most common RAM sizes in most laptops are 4GB. However, some lowest end models have 2GB. As it stands out now, and 8GB RAM is increasingly becoming more popular since it’s majorly used in high model computers together with the 16GB. In some instances, you can find mobile workstations and gaming laptops with even 24GBs. While select laptops have 6GB RAMs, they come with a 4GB module that’s paired with a 2GB module. More so, the current laptops come with two RAM slots, but some budget or small models have 1 or no slots.

The amount of RAM you need

xdcfgbhgfdsdfgUnlike faster graphics card or CPU, more RAM won’t always speed up the game. If you have sufficient amount of RAM, adding more will not make much difference. So, what quantity of RAM do you require for your gaming laptop? Before anything else, you need to ask yourself whether you are ordering a gaming computer or you just want to upgrade your machine.If you have a faster card, you will improve the performance of graphics, and you will also choose higher resolutions for your games.

While having a good CPU will assist you in CPU inbound games, there are other games that use a lot of background calculations hence will need larger RAM. You, therefore, require adequate RAM so that the programs that you have can store data without moving them to the hard drive.The amount of RAM that you need, therefore, depends on the number of programs that you are running and how in need they are for RAM. That’s the importance of RAM in a gaming laptop.…