Benefits Of Educational Scholarships


Educational scholarships are financial grants aimed at assisting a student to further their studies. Educational scholarships are awarded based on various criteria such as merit, sportsmanship, need-based, career development, as well as the values and purposes of donors or foundation founder ’s shared vision and loyalty. Importantly, an educational scholarship is not a financial loan hence it does not have to be repaid. Some educational scholarships have some binding requirements that require the beneficiary to serve in the interest of the scholarship donors for a specified period. Click here for the Course Hero Scholarships. However, all scholarships are awarded the hope of bettering one’s education needs and achieve the following benefits;

Education benefits


An educational scholarship assists an individual in pursuing their studies at whatever level of learning. This way the beneficiaries of these scholarships can further their studies in their area of study either locally or internationally which would have otherwise been difficult. Therefore, educational scholarships reduce a student’s risk of dropping out while at the same time gives another the chance to advance their level of qualifications and possibly pursue postgraduate studies. Some criteria for awarding educational scholarships are need-based where students from developing countries, refugee students and well performing students are sponsored to undertake studies in foreign nations.

Career progression

Interestingly, some firms provide educational scholarships to their staff as a way to develop their careers and mastery of the business processes. Firms such as Tullow Oil and oil exploration company offer educational scholarships to locals and its staff who receive specific training based on the existing need such they become experts hence can handle specific duties in the long term. These types of scholarships can also be used to reward highly performing employees in preparation for them to embark on management and leadership positions.

Personal benefits

Educational scholarships may allow a student to travel to international nations for study. Therefore, in between studies they may engage in career development activities such as learning foreign languages and enlisting to short-term relevant courses this way makes the to be well prepared for the job market. Also, one can find a job to sustain their financial needs and those of their next of kin. Also, one develops a progressive social life where one can network and have like-minded friends or join associations who form a very fundamental part of their careers and social life.

Financial assistance


Educational scholarships offer necessary financial aid to pursue education and also cover some financial requirements while studying. The financial assistance assists to fund living, transport and other requirements.